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Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Tips to surviving winter golf!

Be realistic with your par


Be realistic with your ability and understand that winter conditions present a lot of very different challenges to what you might experience in summer conditions.


Courses may feel like they play longer but greenkeepers should be moving tees forward to allow them to maintain the main tees for the upcoming season. Obviously the courses are wetter and grass often longer so the ball tends to stop close to where it lands. Make considerations to ball flight, landing areas and subsequent club selection based on the fact that the ball will unlikely roll far!


The greens will be slower and the surface bobbly in comparison to in the main part of the season, so limit your expectations when it comes to holing putts and make sure you control your distance well. Don't miss those little ones!!!


From the perspective of scoring, treat it the same as the main competition season but visualise and play shots differently considering the changes of ground condition.


Spend more time at the range than on the course


Be protected from the elements and get that practice in for when you are back on the course!


Keep your body working


Raise your body temperature and energy levels before you play – try having a couple of cups of strong coffee, green tea, or a healthy snack before your round.


Add loft to your driver


More loft means more distance – come and visit FG Sports to find out what will give you the best driver head/shaft combo, and learn about adjustability.


Look towards spring


Although it may not seem fun at the time, playing in challenging weather teaches you to adapt, which will make you a much better golfer!


Winter is a chance to practice without worrying about your score or result, so it gives you chance to work on weak areas of your game ahead of the spring/summer months where you will be playing competitions and matches.


Bring a buddy


It’s far tougher to back out of a day on the course/at the range if you have roped someone else into coming with you! Bring a friend to help hold you accountable, hopefully bring you some enjoyable company, and motivate you to keep it up!




Master the art of layering when it comes to golf attire. We would recommend a base layer to keep dry, a warm layer for thermal regulation and a shell layer for wet and windy conditions. We would recommend investing in items that breathe!

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