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Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Solid basics from Matt Fitzpatrick

Solid basics from Matt Fitzpatrick

DP World Tour Championship winner Matt Fitzpatrick has some strong fundamentals that harness his perfect technique, follow his tips and master the basics to improve your game…

Hang your arms from your shoulders

Avoid tension in the shoulders, arms and hands by allowing the arms to hang vertically from the shoulders, which allows the arms to respond to the backswing shoulder turn. Think of your arms as being heavy so that they hang, it will help you to make a smooth swing.

Keep the knees slightly flexed

Set your weight through the arches/balls of the feet by keeping the knees slightly bent, rather than flexed – this will help you to start the swing in perfect balance.

Check that your belt buckle tilts down

Create an anterior tilt of the pelvis by checking that your belt is angled downward, with the buckle pointing just over the ball. This position helps to lengthen the spine, giving you the ability to rotate around correctly.

Give yourself enough space to swing

Using the posture and arm hang tips mentioned previously, this should help to create a space between the thighs and forearms. This gap sets up a pocket for the hips to turn back and through, as well as a space for the arms to track through impact.

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