One Stop Golf introduces new innovative range of junior clubs to help kids get greater enjoyment and success

Oct 20, 2015

One Stop Golf is delighted to announce that it will be providing a new innovative range of junior golfing clubs at the new on-site golf shop when it opens in the New Year – specifically designed to make it much easier for youngsters to swing and connect with the ball.

Having won awards for our work in helping attract new young players and families to the sport through our Go4Golf free training sessions for beginners, we are now proud to reveal we will be supplying the ‘Golphinforkids’ range of clubs.

The products are being recommended for children by PGA pros, who have recognised the better levels of control they give for children, given the aerospace alloys used to manufacture the clubs makes them 30 per cent lighter than traditional junior clubs.

The club-head geometry has also been designed specifically to get the ball up in to the air, flying high, just what the kids love to do, whilst iron club heads are 35 per cent larger than traditional junior clubs, making it easier for the kids to hit the ball – and avoiding those ‘fresh air shots’ which can quickly put young people off the game.

Golphinforkids was founded by Calum McPherson, who formed a group of golf enthusiasts to challenge the reality that very few young kids under the age of 11 years old are playing the sport.

Following extensive market research across the world, he and his team set about tackling the common barrier to playing the sport amongst the young – clubs which were simply too heavy.

Mark Rozenbroek, a director at One Stop Golf, says it is important for the centre to provide the highest quality products and training for young players as it experienced older players and professionals.

“A great deal of our work at One Stop Golf is focused on bringing new young players into the game, and then once they have got that buzz and passion for the sport, keeping them involved.

“In all we do, from our coaching and subsidised scholarship of talented local players with our PGA Professional Rich Pace, to our other golf-related games, we try and make sure fun and enjoyment is the priority, whist supporting young people in developing their game with the latest equipment, techniques and coaching.

“Quite simply, picking up a golf club for the first time as a youngster could be the moment they decided whether or not to give the game a chance. If they are presented with a club which is far too heavy, it can destroy their confidence, fun and enjoyment during that crucial introductory period to golf.

“For that reason we are delighted to be introducing the Golphinforkids range when our new revamped shop opens in the New Year.”

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  • "Superb range with a well-stocked shop and a nice pub/cafe. They also have a well maintained Pirate Adventure Golf and a Footgolf course."James Osborne
  • "Can’t beat the chips - they taste amazing with plenty of chip spice on. Perfect to enjoy after hitting a basket of balls on the range."Barrie Swallow

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