How does Toptracer actually work?

Oct 25, 2019

Good question! We get asked this quite a lot, it’s pretty complicated but we’ll do our best to explain in a way that doesn’t make your head explode.

First things first, we’ll explain what Toptracer is for those who aren’t familiar:

Our Toptracer range allows players to track the distance, height and ball speed of their shot amongst other things. The system itself has different modes so you can have a longest drive competition, nearest to the pin challenge, track what’s in your bag to show how you perform with each club and more. 

One of the best features is the virtual golf course, especially at this time of year when courses can be shut due to the weather. You can play some of the best courses in the world like Pebble Beach in California from the comfort of our driving range down National Ave.

How reliable is it?

The technology is very advanced. As you probably already know, it’s not just used for ranges but also used during TV broadcasts for the top tournaments. This proves how accurate and reliable it is, so don’t let your mate blame the technology next time he shanks a shot!

Globally, Toptracer tracks 2.5 million shots every single day. It’s gold standard and head and shoulders above their competitors with high accuracy levels. 

How is the technology developed?

It uses metal oxide semiconductors. These transistors were invented back in the 50s are still produced to this day in their trillions. They’re used in everyday technology such as phones and TVs and form a big part of the Toptracer range.

How does it actually work?

There are cameras and sensors that create a 3d space where objects entering that space are tracked. The light waves created by the golf ball allows the software to track the ball flight and show it up on the screen - this is why the range needs a certain level of lighting.

The software can track multiple balls at once and assign it to the correct bay because of the distance apart that the sensors are. It breaks the range down into triangles (like an invisible grid) so the ball can be traced back to each bay knowing the angle at which the ball enters and exits each triangle.

See our Toptracer range in action and try it for yourself! Find out more about Toptracer.

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How does Toptracer actually work?

Good question! We get asked this quite a lot, it’s pretty complicated but we’ll do our best...

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