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Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Driving tips!

Tip 1 - Make sure to create enough shoulder turn - that is where the power comes from. Make a swing that is long enough to create the speed and think about how much shoulder rotation you are making, encouraging a complete shoulder turn as possible, in excess of 90 degrees by utilising the big muscles in the body!  Start the turn in the back swing and complete the turn and rotation as you hit the ball – maximum range of motion


Tip 2 - Before approaching the driver, have a very clear mind-set of the shape of shot you’re going to try and hit.  Take it slightly right to left – have clarity of what kind of shot you’re going to hit during the set up. Considerations like what swing path direction is going to be in relation to the club face, and in addition make sure you create the turn and deliver the right conditions through impact, be clear on what shape shot you are trying to hit!


Tip 3 - Consider the clubs delivery into the ball – the angle of attack specifically. If the club delivers into the golf ball too much on a descending angle, it will probably mean a loose loft, affecting how far ball can travel. We want the club to reach bottom of its arc and reach up through the ball. The set up position and ball position has to be a consideration – where it situates in stance, it wants to on the instep of left heel, when you make swing the weight load should shift into right side and make ascending strike through the ball as you hit the shot.


Tip 4 – Club head speed, centred ness of strike, angle of attack and hitting the middle of the face is very important, but tip number 4 is all about considering the length of driver shaft being used. By considering working with a shorter driver you will gain more control over the middle of the clubface.



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