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Friday, May 5th, 2017

Costly errors and how to stop them!

Golf isn’t exactly known for being the easiest sport in the world, it’s often described as a game of misses that are beyond our control. However, most of us are guilty duffers of simple chips all too regularly – it’s time to put an end to the silly mistakes we shouldn’t be making!

Duffing a simple chip

Typically a golfer makes this mistake by reasoning a more downward strike encourages clean contact – which in fact does the opposite! Taking a ‘ball back, hands forward’ creates a large lean in the shaft, which send the leading edge of the wedges sole against the turf.

How to fix it

Focus on the shaft angle and hit some practice chips to get used to the feeling of using the sole. With the club soled in its designed position, even if you hit behind the ball, the club will resist digging and rescue the strike.

Aiming your body at the target

Working hard to get your body set-up aiming at the target but not the clubface is a stupid but common problem on the course. The body and the club can’t aim at the target at the same time!

How to fix it

Go parallel to your ball-target line, for the right-hander that means aiming a little left of the target. Use the ball-target line as your starting point. Take some time to visualise it, then position the clubface square to it before taking your stance and setting up square around it.

Chopping down steeply with irons

Hitting down on your iron shots too hard creates a week chopping action, when all you need is a subtle descending blow. When we try too hard to hit down, we send the club’s energy down into the turf instead of forward into the ball. If you are lucky enough to catch the ball cleanly you’ll generate an erratic and ineffective flight – either popping the ball up or driving it too low.

How to fix it

To realise how subtle the average 7-iron attack angle on Tour is, buy an impact board and prop its back edge with a tee an inch or so into the turf; it shows the 4 or 5-degree angle.

Hopefully these few tips put an end to these silly mistakes! For more advice book in a lesson with us! 

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