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Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Beginners guide to starting golf


Golf is a sport that almost anyone can play at any age, it doesn’t matter when you choose to start, but it’s important to learn properly in order to achieve any success.

Golf isn’t an easy sport to pick up and can be quite intimidating to a complete novice – if you are keen to get into the sport then it’s important and highly encouraged to seek some proper lessons.

The sport is a performance-based one, and in order to enjoy the game properly you will need some knowledge and technique so that you can actually be productive. Taking lessons from a professional instructor will allow you to get key information and tips on how to stand appropriately, and learn which clubs are best to be used and when.

Our PGA Professional coaches teach complete beginners to professionals, so no matter what your ability – we can help!



Choosing the right clubs is not as simple as searching online for the best reviewed – it’s essential to get the right clubs that are suited to your ability and physical attribution.

What is right for one golfer isn’t necessarily the right clubs for another, so getting expert advice to help you choose and test them out is the best option.

We would recommend booking yourself into our Custom Fit Suite, where we can analyse a range of clubs and make the best decision for you.



Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to golf. It isn’t a sport that you can pick up overnight, and it takes a lot of practice.

If you are a beginner just getting into golf then focus on being patient, and be prepared to practice, practice, practice.



Knowledge of golf rules and etiquette is an integral part of the game, defining golf’s core values. It describes the manner in which the game of golf should be played to ensure all players gain maximum enjoyment.

It is up to you to learn basic golf etiquette and the rules of the course you are playing at.

It’s essential to have respect for the course when starting golf – you must always leave the course as you found it by repairing pitch marks, replacing divots and raking bunkers.



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