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Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

A beginners guide to the perfect swing

A beginners guide to the perfect swing

A beginners guide to the perfect swing


Thinking about getting into golf? We have put together some essential beginners tips for you to learn the basics of a good golf swing – once you learn to swing, you’re good to go!


First things first, start in balance. Your weight should be distributed equally in the middle of both of your feet with your hips pushed back, your spine angled towards the ball and a slight flex in your knees.


Next on our list, think about the order of the take back – it’s important. Don’t just swing the club behind your head with no thought; even beginners luck won’t help you there. The order should be as follows: club head, hands, arms, shoulders, and hips. As your hands pass your right leg, your weight should also start to shift to the right, when the club is parallel to the ground it should also be parallel to the target line.


One of the biggest mistakes people make with their swing is using their arms as the source of power instead of their bodies, this can result in an incorrect swing path. Your legs, hips and torso can generate much more power than your arms, and your arms can then help you to control the swing.


It is important to slow it down to get the best swing – it gives your body and hands chance to square the clubface to the proper line. Taking the time also allows your body to shift its weight into the right sequence for maximum power output, and ultimately the perfect swing!


If you’re feeling inspired to come down and put these top-tips to the test – we can help you further with our very own PGA professionals on hand to help using swing analysis software, with visual feedback and the ability to compare your swings with each lesson.


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