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Target Golf

Have you ever stood quietly in a bay at the driving range and listened?

There is the usual  grunting, cursing and swearing.  Someone will, of course, be talking business on the mobile someone else will be asking for advice, or giving it.

And what of laughter? Do you hear laughter?

Sure, there is some, especially mocking snickers of disgust. But real laughs, the sounds of people at play, are usually reserved for the less serious along the lineup. Beginning golfers laugh, people on a date at the range laugh, and so do groups of friends goofing around.

What does that say about the rest of us?

We need some laughs. I know golfers go to the range to get better, and that takes concentration and focus. But what if the act of going to the range were a game in itself? What if the whole point were to go there to play?

Target golf is a new kind of driving range, that is entirely the point. We are putting a spark in the driving range model that has remained essentially unchanged for the past years. It is uncovering the missing link between the isolated, monotonous pursuit of bashing away at a large bucket and the intimidation of a golf course. We are doing so by converting the traditional driving range atmosphere into something akin to a sports bar or upscale bowling alley.

The Target golf range is a more relaxed and fun setting for the game. Now, parents nervous their children might get bored over 18 holes, or singles worried their date would slow up play, can come here and play a series of short games until they run out of steam.

At a glance, the driving range looks like anywhere else: It's 240 yards long with high nets encircling the range and targets at a variety of distances from 50 yards to 200 yards.

But, much like a bowling alley, behind each hitting station are comfy seating for up to 4 persons per bay and tables to put your beer on.

Groups purchase balls from the shop to use in the game. The initial game is where golfers aim at a series of targets. No points are awarded if you miss and points are scored for hitting the targets.

Each bay also comes with pop up tees, which deliver a ball on the tee in under a second, this means you will never have to bend down to put the next ball on the tee.

Our True Strike gel mats offer a realistic grass feel and are a lot softer on the wrists.

We run target golf leagues through the year so if you’re interested put your name on the list by contacting

How to play


All you need to do is purchase your balls for the game, these can be bought by purchasing a bar code rom the golf shop, you may also rent a set of our quality loaner clubs if needed. If you are entering the competition you will need to pay the entry fee and have your card marked by one of your playing partners.

Ball Dispenser

Place your bucket under the ball dispenser and enter your barcode into the machine, press the button and 40 balls will be dispensed.

Begin Your Game

Choose a bay to play in and place your basket next to the tee, you will only need 25 balls to play the game with, so you can get warmed up with your first 15 balls before the game starts. We suggest that you hit a variety of shots to the long and near targets as you will need to use a number of different clubs.

Playing the Game

The object of the game is to score as many points as you can with the 25 scoring balls. There are 4 target greens to hit White, Red, Blue and Orange and a set of yellow driving posts.


2 x white target 5 points

1 x Red target 10 points

2 x Blue target 15 points

1 x Purple target 20 points

Yellow poles – Drive the ball through the poles you get 10 points

You get zero points for missing the targets


If you have a golf handicap then you receive 5 times that amount to add to your total score. New players without a club handicap receive a handicap of 25 so receive 125 points start.

There are two different ways to play please see the scorecard and prices section.

Scorecard & Pricing


Target golf is £5 for 40 balls a pencil and scorecard
£1 goes to the winner of the weekly pot

Target game

Each player users 25 balls to hit the targets in sequence. The game starts by hitting 5 balls at the white target (5 points per ball) then 5 balls at the red target ( 10 points)

5 balls at the blue target (15 points) and 5 balls at the orange target (20 points) . The final 5 balls are hit between the yellow driving posts.


Target Golf Scorecard

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